This blog post was written by Scot Squires, Owner, Spinning Beacon.

What if marketing professionals could actually see into someone’s brain and know what they are thinking? It would certainly make our lives as marketers easier, right? Imagine, no more relying on costly and time-consuming focus groups, which don’t always work anyway. Some supporters of neuromarketing believe they have found the solution to predicting what new products people want.

Neuromarketing is something we seem to be hearing more and more about in the marketing field. This somewhat controversial approach studies how consumers’ brains respond to stimuli. One group believes this latest tool could someday replace focus groups. On the other hand, others believe that it can’t be trusted and is an invasion of privacy. Nonetheless, recent studies are certainly intriguing.

While it is still expensive and may not completely replace other forms of marketing research and focus groups, neuromarketing could certainly be added to the marketing toolbox in some situations.

Oxford has launched a three-year study into neuromarketing to see if it really works. In addition, Iowa State University recently opened their new neuromarketing laboratory.

To find out more about neuromarketing and the psychology behind consumer behavior, check out these books:

Buy-ology by Martin Lindstrom

Consumer.ology by Philip Graves

The Buying Brain by A.K. Pradeep

Interesting information about neuromarketing is also available on these websites:

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