Let’s kick this recap off by saying that these Lunch and Learn events keep getting better and better. I have learned so much from the presenters at these events over the last 6 months and look forward to what’s to come.

Today’s Lunch and Learn was focused on social media marketing and the tactics Salt Lake Comic Con used to become the largest 1st year Comic Con event in history. The co-founder and CMO of the event, Bryan Brandenburg, provided tremendous insight into how Salt Lake Comic Con has used social media as a tool to embed themselves within the community and their success has made waves to say the least.

What I enjoyed so much about this and what made this different than other social media events I have been to in the past is Bryan explained that successful social media marketing is just a part of a larger social commitment to a specific community. It is often difficult to explain to clients and bosses that social media is more than a couple online websites and apps where people hang out, it’s a shift in culture and works for your business when you make the shift as well.

Bryan gave a detailed look at how contributing almost 1 million in free event tickets to non-profits, veterans, senior citizens and others which Bryan called “good karma and just good business” has helped their standing in the community. Of course they often use giveaways as content for social media along with staggered event announcements, feedback polls as well as a heavy dose of entertaining content.

A reoccurring theme from this presentation was that the most important metric when it comes to social media is engagement. Commenting, replying, answering questions, listening and conversing as well as posting content that’s worthy of sharing is how Salt Lake Comic Con has created the #1 page for fan engagement in Utah.

“No one wants the friend that only shows up with they want something – same is true with business.” I felt this quote summed up the commitment Salt Lake Comic Con has to the community. This commitment has allowed them to distinguish themselves as the one of the most successful Comic Con brands in the nation.

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