Utah AMA Board Members

Brandon Jeppson
Brandon JeppsonPresident
Brandon is VP of Marketing at EKR, a branding and marketing agency. He helps make businesses memorable, causes credible and products desirable. He helps organizations generate leads and create loyalty through powerfully branding, messaging and marketing.
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Emma Wimberley
Emma WimberleyImmediate Past President
Emma Wimberley has built a career leading broad marketing and communications agendas for global mining and energy companies. Specializing in marketing strategy, corporate communications, corporate branding, social media, and public relations, she has led B2B and consumer-facing campaigns targeting markets within Australia, North America, Central and South America, West Africa and Asia.
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Matt Frisbie
Matt FrisbiePresident-Elect
I have learned through the years that my greatest strength is building teams to do what they otherwise thought not possible. I have worked at the largest corporations and smallest startup companies doing what I love and learning more every day. I was classically trained as an artist and thought I would be doing that throughout my life, I soon came to realize that I found greater happiness in providing opportunities for artists to create art. I learned that I had the ability to connect the right people for the right causes.
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Kandace Dato
Kandace DatoVP of Membership
Kandace is the founder of two small businesses. She has spent the majority of her career in the telecom and IT space and started her first company in 2005 working with local, national and global companies on their IT, Cloud and Telecom infrastructure. She started her second company in 2010 because of her love for marketing and creativity. She is very passionate about diversity in the workplace and supplier diversity and champions women in business. Kandace was named as Utah Business’s 30 Women to Watch in May 2012.
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Kylee Rampton
Kylee RamptonVP of Programming & Events
Kylee Rampton knows what makes a great party. She has manage the development and execution of many events both in and outside of the country. Kylee knows it’s time for AMA Utah to have more fun and is ready to help organize amazing events.
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Jacob Hoehne
Jacob HoehneVP of Special Events
Jacob believes in the untapped potential within everyone. He believes that telling the right story can help unlock that potential for individuals and brands. He is the founder of Issimo, a storytelling agency, that specializes in video marketing. His team has won “Best of State” seven times and 25 national awards for work with top brands.
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Derek Kopp
Derek KoppVP of Marketing
Derek was born in raised in suburban Chicago before heading west to go to school and to start a band. Although he still craves Portillo’s Italian beef and real Chicago-style pizza, Utah now feels like home. 13 years ago, the opportunity presented itself to reunite with his favorite coworkers from Crystal Canyon as a partner at Rivetal. As Creative Director, he oversees the work produced by a phenomenally talented team. Derek still loves music and plays when he can. He’s also a rabid Real Salt Lake fan.
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Tracy Hernandez
Tracy HernandezVP of Communications
Tracy Hernandez has been working in marketing and public relations for more than 13 years, currently overseeing all the marketing, public relations, and communications for Revere Health, Utah’s largest independent physician group. Previously she worked as Marketing Director at Roseman University’s South Jordan, Utah campus and for the non-profit domestic violence shelter CAPSA in Logan. She focuses on strategy and is a resourceful marketing guru who juggles multiple responsibilities in a variety of disciplines to achieve results.
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Lori Gilson
Lori GilsonVP of Public Relations
Lori Gilson is results driven marketer and public relations pro. She is talented in lead generation strategy and implementation, marketing, branding, and sales.
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John Adams
John AdamsVP of Sponsorships
John is an experienced marketing professional who specializes in tying revenue dollars to marketing. His true love is international marketing and business development. He loves to work on new and dynamic projects with amazing people. John is able to sneak a little bit of travel, food exploration, and outdoor adventure to keep his adrenaline addiction manageable. He has two young children and a gorgeous wife who try to remind him he’s not 24 anymore.
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Ben Hutchins
Ben HutchinsVP of Research
I’m an Alaska-bred guy that’s had to thaw out in Utah for the last few years. I love to play pretty much anything, but racquetball is my game. I like to go hiking to (but not the simple boring kind of hiking where you stay on a nice trail the whole time). I also like to pretend I’m a food connoisseur and an entrepreneur, and those two beliefs at one point in my life were not actually mutually exclusive. I graduated from BYU with a degree in sociology and am working as a digital marketer.
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Tricia Schumann
Tricia SchumannVP of Strategic Growth
Tricia Schumann has been engaged in the management and ownership of hyper-growth technology and marketing businesses over the past 29 years. Ms. Schumann is Chief Executive Officer at BachHealth. She was named one of the “30 Women to Watch” by Utah Business Magazine in May 2015. Ms. Schumann is a recent graduate of Harvard Business School’s General Management Program. She is the proud mother of 3 children and loves golfing, pilates, cycling and traveling.
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